Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Animal adaptation - Different Beaks For Different Jobs

Today we were looking at why birds have different sorts of beaks. We used kitchen utensils to imitate a birds beak and the method they use to gather their food.

Filter feeder
Breaking or clipping at shoots and grasses

Using a bristly tongue to drink nectar from a flower
A small sharp beak for picking up seeds and insects

Pushing a long beak down into the ground to search for worms and insects

Follow up activity that we did

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Collage Balloons construction

                              First we painted the grass and sky then used combs to give it texture
                                           Next we applied paper collage to  a balloon shape
                                                                After that we wove baskets
Lastly we used a hot glue gun to attach the basket to the balloon and glue on polystyrene to the back.                                                   We then attached the balloon to the background

Come And See Our Tapa Art

                     This is our art that was inspire by patterns that are used by some  Pacific countries